A Benchmark for Global Market Innovators:Solo Launcher established office in Silicon Valley

September 22, 2015 · By Solo


According to Chinese state media, visit hopes to promote collaboration between Chinese and American businesses. As a way to prepare for his visit, CCTV made a news special called “Chinese companies in Silicon Valley create technological history”. The special aired on 17 September during and featured Solo Launcher as an example of a Chinese mobile internet firm that is oriented towards the global market.

Instead of copying foreign technology a growing number of Chinese firms are choosing to make their own innovations, according to the Wall Street Journal. With a product portfolio that covers 180 million users worldwide and Solo Launcher itself as one of the top apps in the personalization category, the company is an example of Chinese innovation. Due to their success, CCTV recognized the Solo team as a benchmark for other internet startups that are looking towards overseas markets.

CCTV also focused on the developing relationship between China’s technology firms and North American investment institutions. There have been a number of exchanges across the Pacific, such as the recent visits of Mark Zuckerberg, the CEO of Facebook, and Travis Kalanick, CEO of Uber, who remain interested in China’s market and its ability to innovate.

There are many Chinese companies trying to establish offices in Silicon Valley, which demonstrates the increasing number of businesses from China that are taking part in the global economy. When showing footage of Solo’s office in the Valley, CCTV explained that the app firm is an outstanding example innovation. Harry Liu, CEO and founder of Solo Launcher, found this recognition to be “very inspiring for our team.”

Why was Solo Launcher selected

The current trend of Chinese firms focusing on overseas markets continues to grow. CCTV featured Solo Launcher not only because of the app’s fast growing user base but also due to it’s relationships with other leading technology firms, such as Google, Yahoo!, Stanford University, and Alibaba’s Alohar.

Solo System has seen over 150 million users on Google Play, and the firm intends to continue to build intelligent products that connect people with the information that truly matters to them.

Alohar Mobile, an Alibaba company based in Palo Alto, California, has created the world's first mobile context platform that makes a Context Graph, which connects people with the physical world by using sensors on smart devices and the Internet of Things.

"Solo Launcher leverages Alohar's technology to drive its context aware app recommendation system," says Mr. Zhu. "As a result users get optimized app suggestions based on their real world context."